A Great Start to September (Sept 1, 2013)

J&W and the girls came down to the marina to see the boat on Sunday morning. We still don’t have the sails up but we were able to show them the boat and motor out into the bay. It was so fun to have some of our Cleveland pals see where we now live! That night there was a pretty bad storm with a lot of lighting (great views from the boat). Matt and I climbed out of our hatch during the middle of the night to tighten up the lines and make sure the bowsprit didn’t slam into anything. The boat is really heavy and it was hard to move it against the wind. It gave me a tiny taste of what it might be like in a storm. Matt was tying knots in the dark which made me realize I need to get really good at knots really fast!

[Post script: if you read this, take a few seconds to send W. some positive energy toward his heart – he is recovering from some major surgery that happened after this visit).