The Honest Truth (October 2013)

I love Honest Tea – I’m an addict of the unsweetened Assam Black Tea (although I am ‘trying’ to give up caffeine). Beyond the taste, I love the 6-word memoirs in each of the caps. I recently opened one and it said, “A story told with every wrinkle.” I guess that’s what I’m doing here – not just sharing the fun stuff but some of the more challenging experiences as well. It’s because all aspects are part of the experience and are what make it rich (e.g., being dry feels a lot nicer after you’ve been soaking wet; the sun feels amazing after a week of rain). I say this so that the posts are read in context. I try not to get too upset about things (personally, I found the Whole Foods post more funny than frustrating). If you know me well enough, you understand that I find the humor in these things. The idea of a stuffed animal (especially an amphibian) flying through the air and landing in a harried mom’s salad strikes me as particularly funny (whether or not I’m the mom in question). I hope you read the blog this way. I no longer take any of this stuff (i.e., life) too seriously. If you’ve ever had to deal with anything really hard in your life, then you know that the day-to-day hassles of life amount to nothing. In the face of tragedy, you kick yourself for ever having spent any time or energy getting upset over them. However, since they are part of life, I try to capture some of them here (and make them amusing when I can). This is exactly what I’d be writing in my journal so, in a way, this has become my journal. There has not been a moment where I have seriously questioned our decision. Even on the objectively ‘worst’ day, when I weigh the pros and cons, there is no comparison. There is nowhere else I want to be right now and nothing else I’d rather be doing.