About the Boat

“Tashtego” is a 41′ Lord Nelson. She has a full keel (this basically means it’s harder for us to tip over) and weighs 30,500 pounds. There are 3 berths, a head (i.e., the bathroom), a galley (i.e., the kitchen) and a sitting area (maybe there is a sailor term for this. When I find it out, I’ll correct this). We’ll post a video tour of the boat in the next few weeks. We didn’t name the boat. Matt was re-reading Moby Dick over the winter and had been telling the boys about it and all of the characters in it. On his first tour of the boat, he noticed a small plaque with a quotation from Moby Dick. It turned out that Tashtego was one of the characters in the book (Queequeg’s counterpart). We decided not to change the name.