Looking for a Boat

Matt had been interested in two boats – both the same model (a ‘Baba’ – I know, I keep wanting to add ‘ghanoush’ every time I say it). One was in Hawaii and one was in Guatemala. Matt had both of them reviewed by surveyors in order to assess what kind of condition they were in. We kept wondering about the logistics … how we’d get them to the East coast or how we’d get to them (with all the gear that we’d need for the boat) while at the same time being told by other sailors that posted photos of a boat are far from the scary reality. While Matt was in Ithaca visiting his father, he started working with a broker who had taken his family and done exactly what we were thinking about doing. The broker led Matt to an even better boat (a ‘Lord Nelson’) that had just surfaced in Annapolis, MD. It had an extra berth and its location was incredibly appealing. Annapolis is only 45 minutes from where Matt’s sister and her husband live – and the idea of being able to see them more and stay with them was at once appealing and comforting. It seemed like things might work out.