First Views

We drove two cars down from Cleveland, OH to Annapolis, MD. Matt had all of the sailing gear in his (life jackets, etc.) and I had the boys, a week’s worth of food, sleeping gear and some ‘stuff’ in the other one. The boys and I made a number of stops so Matt got down there ahead of us – just in time to see them use the huge lift to put the boat in the water (we will post a video of this). On the way down, I asked Malachi how he felt about going on the boat (neither of the boys had yet seen it in person). He said, “I’m kind of freaked out. I’m really freaked out.” Joshua’s concern, expressed occasionally over the preceding weeks, was about falling off the boat. The two nights prior to leaving Joshua said he was scared of falling off the boat and that he didn’t know if he’d be able to sleep. I don’t know what he was expecting (a wood plank in the water?) but it was hysterical to see his face and Malachi’s when they saw the boat for the first time. They immediately ran all over it and said it was awesome. Joshua went down below and said, “It’s like a whole other world down here.” They are fascinated by their berths, the storage places, etc. When I asked Joshua if he was still worried, he looked at me as if I had said something ridiculous.