A Few More Days in New Jersey (August 18-August 21, 2013)

I took the boys to Hacklebarney Park – a place where I grew up visiting. It was fun to see them have the same experiences I did. And it’s a gorgeous area.



Maybe no one else finds this as cool as me, but when we in NH my sister had a new method of making little glass bottles of colored sand. She put salt on several different paper plates and then had the kids rub chalk in it. The result – colored salt which they could then layer in the bottles. One of the reasons this is so cool, as any parent knows, it that it takes them more time to do it. When the boys were little (and Matt and I were completely exhausted due to sleep deprivation and diaper changing), we would look for what we called “HELEAS” [“High Entertainment, (for the kids) Low Energy (for us) Activities]. This would fit that description – pour the salt and you’re done!



PS. I have no idea why – but some of the photos show up correctly on the website but then the wrong direction on Facebook. Sorry!