Getting the Boat Ready (August 23, 2013)

We decided that our daily routine would be to exercise in the morning, get some breakfast, get some work done, have lunch, have quiet time (i.e., everyone has their own space and there is no talking; Joshua usually naps), and then have some fun. This morning we started cleaning out the berths to get ready to actually move things on the boat. The boys did a great job in vacuuming out their berths and wiping them down. In the afternoon, I took the boys to the library and then we had an early dinner. The boat place across the street had a small pool set up where one could demo a kayak or a paddleboard. We tried everything, Joshua fell in and it was an overall hysterical time. And, yes, we bought a kayak! It’s a small one but it was so much fun. I can fit in it with one of the boys and they can probably fit in it together.



Trying to knock Malachi off the paddleboard