Progress … (Sept 17-18, 2013)

We continue to make progress. Matt felt that some things on the boat obstruct his view while at the helm (e.g., the dodger – a canvas cover over the ladder down into the cabin; the gallows – a wood and metal support that would catch the incredibly heavy boom in the off chance it ever fell). I was against the idea of removing the gallows but it had already been done by the time I got back to the boat. We also had some workers come in and paint the anchor compartment (located at the foot of our berth). It smelled so bad that Matt and I slept in the salon – he on the longer bench and me stuffed into the bench at the table (a good 6-8 inches too short for me). I started laughing thinking that I used to complain our house was small; now we are all crammed into a boat. Everything in life is relative (even relatives). We also finally got the propane gas hooked up and the stove working. Two of the three burners work and the third is ok if lit by a match. The anchor hose is hooked up and working (this is used spray off the anchor chain when it is pulled up so smelly mud and gunk is not 12 inches away from our sleeping berth). The boys and I spent at least half a day sawing through the steel anchor chain to keep the 75 good feet and get rid of the rest of it.