Annapolis Boat Show (Sunday, October 13, 2013)

The Annapolis sailboat show was this weekend. Matt has been attending sessions all day since Thursday. Instead of driving over to church, we decide to take a water taxi and then walk. On the walk to church, I start laughing. Joshua asks me why. “Are you kidding?” I say. “We just took a boat ride to get to church, it’s not raining right now, today is ice cream day [on Sundays, the boys are allowed to get ice cream), and we are going to the boat show. This is great!” He takes my hand and begins skipping beside me. They pick up on our energy. I notice a distinct difference when Matt and I are in a good mood. If we are having a spat, the boys act out – even if they don’t know what is going on (because of course, at some level, they do).

photo (6)

Malachi sits next to me in church and cuddles into me the whole time. I hold his hand in mine. When it is a fist, it still fits perfectly. But I know that soon it won’t. It makes me glad we are doing this now. On the way back to the boat, the driver lets Malachi drive the water taxi.