A Baltimore Thanksgiving (November 26-30, 2013)

We drove from SC to MD with my parents and picked up our van in Annapolis. My parents headed home to NJ and we drove to Baltimore for Thanksgiving with Matt’s sister. I’m not sure if it’s funny or pitiful (I vote for funny) that our month-long voyage going south by boat only took one full day going north by car. Before disembarking from the van at his sister’s house, Matt gave us a quick pep talk about getting our bags out quickly so that potential hoodlums in the urban area would not see a van packed full of stuff. His plan was shattered when he opened the back door. It sounded like an avalanche as approximately 6 gallons of Legos poured out from a container down into the torrent of rushing water in the gutter. I wish I had taken a photo of them as the colors were startling against the muddy water. Poor Malachi was yelling and scrambling trying to retrieve his precious pieces as they were whisked down the road in a watery torrent with leaves, sticks and other detritus.

Thanksgiving was great – good food, great company and lots of hanging out (not to mention heat!). Activities included walks, cooking, and going to a Christmas tree farm to help L&C pick out their tree. It felt amazing to be walking through huge fields of trees and to be in a wide open space again.