Thursday, December 19. Christmas Preparation

Technically, we were supposed to be out of the condo on December 17th. It became clear that the engine would still not be in the boat by then so we were able to extend the apartment until the end of the month. I was thrilled! I wanted just a little more time on land and it was lovely to know where we would be for Christmas.

Since we expected to be on the boat, Matt’s sister had given us an 18” rosemary tree as our Christmas tree. She said a previous one had died due to overwatering. I think I went to the other extreme. I looked at it today and the tiny and overly decorated little thing is completely brown. I started thinking that, since we will be on land, maybe we could get a small tree and surprise the boys. Have you ever seen one of those Christmas scenes where the person is really late getting the tree and there is almost nothing left? Yes, well…, that was my experience. I went in and there were three neglected trees left. The person in charge said, “I’ll give you all three for $20.” Why, I wondered, would I possibly want three of them? I picked the smallest one because the store was out of tree stands and I’d need to figure out some way to prop it up (a small ceramic pot and some gravel did the job). It kind of looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree – very thin and scraggly. The boys were delirious with joy when they saw it. The whole thing is kind of hysterical.