Tick, tock …. (December 30, 2013)

My parents are here and took the boys down to Charleston for a few days. They all had a great time and I was able to get some final work projects (reading a dissertation) and some paperwork done. After a number of delays, the engine was put in a few days before Christmas (Santa’s gift to us – well, that and not bringing the boys a real dog). Matt has been working with the mechanic to hook everything back up to it. They tested it Friday afternoon and it sounded pretty good. On Saturday, they took the boat out. It was running a little hot and making some noises neither of them liked. Hence, the work continues. Regardless of when it’s ready, we need to be out of this luxurious condo by the end of December. I told Matt that if the engine is not ready, at least all of the major work is done and we’ll just move back on the boat (we did break down and buy a small space heater to add some warmth while they were working on the boat). If I need to keep the boys off the boat during the day, we can figure out things to do. Matt’s back has been really bothering him so it will be nice when all the heavy work is done. We would like to be moving again before 2014 – if only for the symbolism!