Departure (Wed., April 16, 2014)

The visit to NASA on Monday was great. The boys loved it and we enjoyed time with our ex-Cleveland friends. Unfortunately, the launch was cancelled 15 minutes before it was scheduled to leave due to a helium leak. Fortunately, someone had given us a tip not to watch it from NASA because the traffic on the way back takes about 7 hours. We were on the river opposite and were able to get dinner after we found it was cancelled.



We left Hammock Beach early this morning. The weather has been stormy and shows no signs of clearing. Winds are 20-25 knots which is not ideal but not dangerous either. Given our travel plans, we need to get moving. There are several instances of shoaling so I’m up and down helping Matt in the cockpit and taking care of the boys below. We make it up to Jacksonville, FL at dinner time. The wind is howling, the bumpers are screeching, and neither of us gets much sleep. The first night is always the roughest. It feels good to be moving again.