More Boat Issues (July 30, 2013)

After another late night last night, one of our over-tired boys fell on a hatch (i.e., the window above our berth) and broke it. This morning Matt realized that the toilet he had spent a week working on in 90-degree heat just broke (again!). He is so frustrated that he said something about selling the boat. He then took the boys for a bike ride to get some exercise and find breakfast. He called me a while ago to check in. ‘I put up the sign,’ I said. ‘What sign?’ he asked. “The ‘for sale’ sign on the boat.” He started laughing and asked how much. I said, “$20 or best offer.” He said he was starting to question everything and then he looked up at the sky and saw the early morning moon (I sign my pots with a moon stamp). He said it reminded him that he needs to lean on me. I told him we would figure it out and that it was all new and being overwhelmed for a while was to be expected.

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