Moving the Boat / Lowering Expectations (July 31, 2013).

We decided to move the boat from one marina to another. The other one has a pool for the kids, a playground and is generally better suited for a family. Although I liked the quiet and solitude of the first one, Matt is more social and he is the one doing more work on the boat (and spending more time in the marina). Matt’s mom, C, came down and was a wonderful help with the boys. I was able to unload both vans and completely re-pack them to make living out of them easier (although we’ve been sleeping on the boat, we still haven’t really moved onto it because it makes getting the work done a lot more difficult).


Matt was feeling a lot of pressure about the amount of repairs needed, the fact that summer is rapidly sliding by, and that we want to get going but need to balance the desire with the safety of the boat. I finally said to Matt that one of the reasons we are doing this is to stop feeling we ‘have’ to do certain things. I suggested that maybe a better goal is just to get to the point where we can move onto the boat – and that when it’s time to set sail, we’ll know it and it will happen.