First Day of (Home/Boat) School (Sept. 2, 2013)

Today was the first day of home/boat schooling. Although I haven’t
really formally planned anything out yet, I had lovely visions of me sitting
down with the boys and helping them with their education. They would gaze at me
adoringly, enthralled by whatever pedagogic activities I had planned. Really –
why do I do this to myself? I once read that expectations are anticipated
disappointment. I wish I could remember that all of the time – life would be
much easier. The reality of homeschooling was very different. I do not think I
expected so many “Why? Why? I don’t want to do that.” and blatant
refusals of “I’m not going to write my letters.” It was kind of like
herding goldfish – I finally realized I just need to let them lead and provide
some occasional guidance (I also realized I need to have an overarching plan
and can’t just wing it). I have always felt that teachers of children should be
among the highest-paid members of society – this just confirms it). I said
something to Matt about it and he said, “Well you’re not trying to re-create a
classroom experience. This trip is their classroom.” Me: “Hmm… Oh, … right.”
Guess I need to re-think things!