Getting More Connected (October 2013)

Matt wakes up and goes on a fierce 7 am bike ride with two other guys at the marina almost every day. I think they bike at least 20 miles each time. It’s a good start to the day for him (he is more social than I am and needs those interactions).

MSW Biking

Some of my favorite things are the bookends of the day. Waking up and peeking out of the hatch to see the sky and water in the morning – and then seeing the stars and moon on the way back to the boat from the bathhouse at night. We have witnessed more sunsets in the past few months than we ever did at home. It also seems we are more in line with the natural rhythms of nature. Now that it gets dark so much earlier, the boys are in bed sooner and so are we. One of my favorite things is getting rocked to sleep by the water. We wake up early – hearing the ducks and other birds – and sometimes share breakfast with our feathery neighbors. All of the sightings of jellyfish, osprey and blue herons never cease to amaze.