Getting (More) Ready (Oct. 23, 2013).

We finally went through the previous owner’s storage unit. She was remarkably organized with everything labeled. We sorted things into four piles: keep, sell, give away, and throw away. We pulled out the anchor chain to paint it at various lengths and then stowed it and the new line back in the anchor compartment. We also went to Bacon’s and got some more foul weather gear. Matt called the previous owner (with whom he has a good relationship) and asked her where she positions the dinghy on the boat while under passage. After some conversation about this, I could hear Matt switch to talking about our plans. After a period silence I heard him say, “I’d give her about a D minus.” I gasped, thinking “Surely he isn’t rating me? Maybe I misheard – I’m sure he said ‘B minus. I can’t believe I’d get lower than that.’” This thought made me feel better although, when asked, I found out that I did, in fact, receive a failing grade (memories of a recently botched bowline knot surfaced). “If it makes you feel any better,” Matt said, “I give myself a C.” Well, I guess I felt a bit better but my competitive nature kicked in and I am determine to earn an ‘A!’ [Note: as of this posting date, I’m at a B minus. Progress!].