The Final Few Days (October 24-25, 2013)

The boys and I run some final errands. They had saved up some money so I let them buy 2 boxes of Legos. This ended up being a genius decision as it literally bought me several hours while they built their creations in the bathhouse. I re-organized our belongings and loaded them mostly into one van and emptied out our storage unit at the marina. We also organized and labeled all of the boat gear into the boat’s storage lockers, tightened the rigging, inventoried the food on the boat, refilled the water tanks, and hauled the dinghy up on the boat and tied it down.

We have two upcoming weather windows – either Sunday (10/27) or not until Tuesday (10/29). The list of what needs to get done before we can leave Annapolis still seems alarmingly long (as is the list of what needs to get done after we leave Annapolis). At one point, Matt looks at me in frustration and says, “Are we doing this the hardest possible way? Jesus, f—-g Christ! Couldn’t we have just rented a house in Greece for a year and relaxed?!” I don’t answer as it was I who initiated this little adventure. This is reminiscent of what others before us have written about– that sailing is bipolar. The highs are higher and the lows are lower than in normal life. I don’t say anything but am secretly hoping we don’t leave until Tuesday. I keep feeling that I need more time.