Signs that it’s Time to Head South (Saturday, October 26, 2013)

It was 38 degrees yesterday morning (remember that we have no heat or heater on this boat). I slept with socks on my hands. It’s 9 am and I can see my breath in the air (the boys find this very cool). At least the fridge doesn’t require as much ice in this weather. Matt, my hero, will occasionally get on my side of the berth at night to warm it up before I climb in (thus getting into 40-degree sheets twice). I ponder this during the day and would like to think I’m the kind of generous person who would do the same for him. My conclusion: I’m not (I was the person who had a space heater in her already well-heated office).

The top 5 signs it’s time to head south:

  1. All of the birds have already left and there is ice on the dock today
  2. The dish detergent congeals to an un-useable solid
  3. The fruit on the boat has stopped ripening
  4. The highlight of my day is heating water to wash dishes
  5. My mom keeps sending me texts that say things like “DID U KNOW BIG STORM IS COMING? DO YOU HAVE BOAT INSURANCE??!!! HURRICANE SEASON STARTING NOW!!!”