Solomon’s Island (Monday, October 28, 2013)

We get up and decide to explore the island. Most places are closed for the season but the weather is gorgeous. We pass a school and see kids the boys’ ages. I joke that, if we are seen, we will have to leave the boys and come back to get them after school ends for the day. Joshua begins walking very quickly. I start laughing and tell him I’m kidding. We stroll along the boardwalk, reading the plaques and explain the history to the boys while seeing fish and even a few bald eagles flying overhead. Matt, ever the friendly one, sees a woman placing something gently in the back of her SUV and makes a joke about her ‘treasures.’ She explains they are oysters and brings them out to show us. The boys have on their life jackets which prompts questions about our trip. It turns out that she is the director of the island’s marine observation center and takes over my homeschooling duties for the day by telling us all about the oysters. The center is closed today but she actually offers to open it just for us. We aren’t able to take her up on her offer but this is the first of many such generous offers from strangers.

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