Sending out Season’s Greetings (December 9, 2013)

Every year Matt draws a Christmas card that is somewhat reflective of our life that year. He is not into the ‘stuff’ side of Christmas so this is what puts him in the holiday spirit. The year I was pregnant, the card was of Joseph and a pregnant Mary on a donkey. When Malachi was born, it was of two snowpeople and a little snow baby with a Santa hat on it. When I asked him about this year, he remarked that all he could think about was the wise men and their long trek to Bethlehem. “It wasn’t all fun, you know” he said. He went on to say that it was a long haul for them and that people only see the fun part of the trip (i.e., presenting gifts to the baby Jesus), but not the more arduous parts of it. When our realtor heard about the engine and what we were doing he said, “It is an adventure you will never forget but you will certainly have to work for it.” He unwittingly gave me a much-needed pep talk and showed me a photo of himself in the Abacos islands surrounded by 12-inch starfish. I told Matt that maybe the card could be about what we are working towards. Below is his holiday card this year.