Alligators in South Carolina (December 11, 2013)

Ever since we got here and found out that there were alligators, I have been wanting to see one. I called a tour company about their ‘river safari’ but the cost was prohibitive with only four of us. I then called an animal sanctuary (SC-CARES) and arranged a tour. The safari tour guide then called me back, said he was the one who did the tours at SC-CARES, and that if we wanted to show up, he would bring a small alligator. I love it when things work out this way. The place was amazing – over 170 animals and they turn hundreds away for lack of funds. We saw deer, a cow, goats, horses, tortoises, parrots, wolves, a pot-bellied pig, dogs, owls, tons of birds, and flying squirrels. You name it, they’ve got them. The founder was so clear that this is her life’s mission – to provide comfort and care in animals’ last days. It is what drives her. I was so impressed by the clarity and sense of purpose she had that I wanted to give her money just for that. We gave double the suggested donation. She gave us a calendar with a quote by Edmond Burke “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” If you want to make someone’s day (yours and hers), the founder’s name is Cindy. The organization is SC-CARES (, 236 Abbeville Drive, Georgetown, SC  29440.