Pray and Prey (Thursday, January 9, 2014)

Fingers crossed and hoping for a miracle, we took the boat out for a test run this morning. The boys were so excited to be back on it. Alas, it still doesn’t sound the way it should and the mechanic is out of ideas. He suggested hauling the boat out of the water to check the prop shaft and everything connected to it – something that would be better done in Charleston.

After helping Matt with the boat, I took the boys to the Center for Birds of Prey. It was pretty fantastic – bald eagles, vultures, falcons, hawks, kestrels, kites, and more. After an hour-long educational tour, we headed toward an open air amphitheater for a flight demonstration. A horned owl glided noiselessly 18 inches over our head and landed on a perch directly behind us. They also brought out a kite, a vulture, a falcon, and a hawk so that we could see them up close and watch them fly. The boys were buzzing about it for hours.