Conway, SC (Saturday, January 11, 2014)

The boys waited patiently yesterday afternoon as I had a 2.5 hour phone meeting for the pre-orals of a student’s dissertation (congrats, Em!). Today, we went to a glass-blowing studio in Conway, SC. I saw they offered a class to make an ornament and had called a few days ago but the class was already booked. I had a feeling that the boys would still be able to participate so I asked if we could just come and watch. I still remember the experience of seeing glass blown as a child and wanted them to experience that awe. We showed up but there had been no cancellations and the class hadn’t started yet. We walked around town and the boys had a muffin at a bakery. We walked back and the owner said there had been two cancellations. I love it when the Universe works things out like that.




There was also a living history museum and farm in Conway so we went to see that before driving an hour back to Georgetown. They do things on the farm exactly as they were done 100 years ago. We saw syrup making, tobacco drying, cotton and tobacco crops, a blacksmith and carpenter’s shops, barns, old farm machines and implements, and a house (with attendant pump and outhouse). The boys were amazed at how much more physical work life used to be.