Jekyll Island, GA (Feb. 26-29, 2014)

All I can say is that I love this place – few inhabitants, lots of natural beauty, an overwhelming feeling of peace and serenity. Yesterday, we used the marina’s bikes (they even had two kids’ bikes) and biked all over the island’s trails which go along the coast and then cross inland through the woods to the opposite coast. We went to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and saw injured sea turtles that are being rehabilitated, watched them feed a baby hatchling, and saw the medical team repairing turtles’ shells cracked by motor boats. We even ‘adopted’ one which means we’ll get a photo and monthly updates. The boys also got twin stuffed animal turtles and have yet to put them down. We planned to leave early this morning but Matt is almost immobile with neck and back pain. The boys and I had a similar day today – riding to the beach, the playground and playing miniature golf. It’s been an amazing day – one of those experiences where, while in it, you almost feel as though you are in a movie.


I can’t believe tomorrow is March 1. We were one of the last stragglers to leave Annapolis in October but all the other stragglers have long since been in FL or the islands so now it’s just us. We pass almost no one, save for a few tugs and fishing boats. Although I jokingly told Matt that soon we will see people returning north, we met a couple yesterday who are doing exactly that. Matt looked at me, exasperated, and said, “What are we doing again and why?” I think it was more of an existential rather than a pragmatic question. I’m not sure that I really have an answer. It occasionally feels like we are in a reality show that we don’t know about. Although I did love what one of my friends said today when I spoke to her on the phone … “My energy is following you and carrying an empty suitcase.”