Another State … Welcome to Georgia! (February 21-25, 2014)

I’m pleased to report that, almost three months after arriving in SC, we finally made it to another state … Georgia! After having a mechanic check out the engine (the noise may have been a loose bolt rattling), we left Beaufort, SC on 2/22 amid perfectly glassy waters and arrived at Isle of Hope (the name is definitely a good sign) near Savannah, GA.



Matt took a 2-hour train ride back up to Charleston to pick up the van and brought it down to the marina. We left Isle of Hope on 2/24, stayed a night at another (very rustic) marina and then anchored out on 2/25. After watching a beautiful sunset, we had dinner and then laid on the deck to look at the stars.


No civilization around and a pitch-black clear night equals an amazing display of brilliant constellations. Joshua said he wanted to choose a star for himself but didn’t know how to decide.