Leaving Charleston (February 14-20, 2014)

We left the Charleston Boatyard on Valentine’s Day and got 2 hours south to the Charleston City Marina where we waited for mail and saw the town (the boys playing on the largest bumpers we’ve ever seen).


On Tuesday (2/18) we arrived at Bohicket and then headed to Beaufort, SC on Wednesday. The engine started making some odd sounds again so we are here until we figure out what is going on (sound of hair being pulled out). This morning Matt is calling mechanics and boatyards to see the best next steps. At least the engine is still under warrantee. We talked about selling the boat and buying an RV but then decided we want nothing mechanical. So we may just get a covered wagon and a set of mules – and may actually make faster progress.

Yesterday was fun – the boys and I made bread on the boat for the first time (learning math and measurement). After we docked, we took a carriage ride through Beaufort, walked up to the cemetery and saw thousands of Civil War graves, played catch with a new friend in the park and then had dinner out. There is nothing like being in a cemetery to remind you of your mortality and the things you still want to do…