True Confessions (March 3, 2014)

[Embarrassing update]: It turns out that we got towed to Jacksonville because … (wait for it) … we ran out of fuel. So, yes, unfortunately it was user error. What happened is that instead of drawing from both fuel tanks, Matt had switched over to one. After throwing up the sails, we didn’t even bother to poke around and see if we could figure out what was wrong. In our defense, we have no fuel gauge (something this little incident made me determined to get installed). It turned out well because if we hadn’t run out of fuel, the mechanic would not have noticed air in the fuel lines, which led to the discovery of a loose engine hose which we were then able to fix. Once again, our towboat insurance has paid for itself many times over at it probably would have cost $3K to get towed that far. Continuing with the theme of this trip, it all works out in the end.