Jacksonville, FL (March 1-8, 2014)

We were in Jacksonville, FL for about a week. We had the engine serviced, got our mail, and Matt took the train up to get our van. We met a wonderful family who recently bought a boat and are planning to sail it to Brazil for the summer Olympics. We saw what Matt swears was a 15-foot alligator in the marina. The dock workers say it was a manatee. We split the difference and decided it was definitely a mana-gator. We also celebrated my birthday with a much-needed haircut, a Thai dinner out, and going to see the movie Frozen with the boys. It was a fantastic movie – just when you think the damsel in distress will be saved by a man in the stereotypical male hero role, she ends up saving herself. It just goes to show that you can be your own Prince Charming.

JandDImages 022714-3004

JandDImages 022714-3009

[beautiful but, sadly, not my photos. They are by David Fisher (JandDImages) from Jekyll Island, GA who caught our boat in one of them].