The Day Before Easter (Saturday, April 19, 2014)

Matt and I have been hoping to be in a nice place for Easter and maybe find an Easter egg hunt for the boys. Based on the tides and the best time to cross St. Andrews Sound, our departure is set for 9 am. Matt and I were up around 5:30 am. We let the boys sleep but wanted to get off the boat before the day began. We walked into town around 7:30 with the boys. Matt is hoping to find a quick breakfast sandwich. It’s a cute but small town and we finally give up. Nothing opens until 9 am. I tell Matt we’ll make breakfast on the boat. We walk back toward the marina and pass the marina waterfront park on the way. What do we see? Of course … they are setting up an Easter egg hunt that begins at 9 am. We delay our departure by 20 minutes so the boys can participate. Perfect.


Technically, the term ‘hunt’ is a bit of a stretch. Even in the section designated for 6+ years, hundreds of eggs are just sitting on open grass. I tell the boys that next time we’ll bring a rake. We limit their haul to three eggs each and continue on our way.


The St. Andrews Sound is a bit rocky – the Captain in on-guard …


The crew is  blissfully unconcerned …