Getting North (April 21-April 24, 2014)

We celebrate Easter on Jekyll Island then leave Monday (4/21) and anchor out at Teakettle Creek that night. As I’m getting ready for bed (at 8:50 pm!), I can hear the whoosh of a dolphin clearing its blowhole. This is so cool, I think to myself. The next morning, we get up early and see the sunrise while at anchor.


We cross St. Catherine’s Sound and sail for a while, slowing from 5 or 6 knots to 1 or 2. The silence is worth it – this is why we bought a sailboat. We land at Isle of Hope that night. On Wednesday we cross into South Carolina and spend the night at Harbour Town Yacht Basin in Hilton Head. Upon arrival, we are escorted to our slip by a dockhand in a dinghy. After securing the lines, he presents us with a bottle of wine and the marina brochures – this is my kind of marina. We get in early enough for the boys to swim and for me to have some time on my own. (Tashtego is on the left).


We take off the next day and see a family of dolphins and many pelicans. They are now, without a doubt, my favorite bird. Full of grace, effortlessly gliding just millimeters above the surface of the water.


We anchor out at Toogoodoo Creek and have a restful night’s sleep.