The Ocean, Attempt #2 (Friday, May 23, 2014)

Today is our second attempt at the ocean. We opt for the long (non-tanker) way around the harbor channel to go out. Once we get past the jetties, it is quiet and calm. I love it – the ocean is large and soothing and there are no immediate worries about running into another boat. It just feels good. I tell the boys we need to do an ocean blessing. We ask the ocean to protect us and keep us safe. As part of the blessing, Joshua throws out something the ocean has (sea salt) and Malachi gives the ocean what it doesn’t (a cup of fresh water). Let’s hope it works …

[A dolphin in front of hazy Charleston].


[Joshua, our boat monkey, shimmies up the staysail while we get fuel and a pump out in preparation to leave].

IMG_3773 [I feel a bit like Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth “Out, damn’d spot! Out, I say!” Incredibly, the only camera store in Charleston went out of business a few months before we arrived. The black spot remains … ].