Anchoring Out @ Charles Island (Wed., July 30, 2014)

Because we are leaving early in the morning, it makes no sense to pay for a marina tonight. Nannie and Mike depart around 3 pm and we leave Milford Boat Works at the same time to anchor off Charles Island. It is right outside Milford and we’ve been looking forward to exploring it. We anchor the boat and then all pile into the dinghy. The last time we really used it is almost a year ago. We take the oars and Matt tells me and the boys to row while he figures out the motor. The boys and I attempt to row toward the island but are slowly being pushed backwards. I tell the boys to step aside. I paddle harder but the dinghy is big and I have to keep jumping from side to side to keep it going in the same direction. I keep hoping Matt doesn’t look up as he fiddles with the engine. He finally does – and frowns when he sees we are at least 50 yards from the boat and nowhere near the island. “When,” he asks, “were you going to tell me we were floating away?” He helps me row and we tie up to the boat again until we get the motor running. We dinghy over to the island and see signs that it’s a protected bird nesting ground and visitors are prohibited. We landed the dinghy on an 80-foot long spit of rocks and shells so, technically, we are off the island. After examining shells for a while, we motor back to the boat, make dinner and go to bed.